Thermal Imaging Inspector

BBHI’s Thermal Imaging Inspector uses thermal imaging on home inspections, so the client gets the information they need to make an informed decision. Thermal imaging measures the difference in temperatures where you are focusing the camera, it does not see through walls. However, it shows how insulation voids can be detected. A non insulated area of a wall will show the missing insulation by being a different color than the rest of the wall.

thermal imaging inspector

Thermal imaging is great for detecting heat loss through the joints where windows meet the wall structure or locating the source of plumbing leaks. A Thermal Imaging Inspector should validate this with other tools like moisture meters to confirm whether it is a deficiency or a temporary situation. For example, if a person took a shower in a tiled bathroom, the moisture can show for a few hours afterwards and can provide an incorrect diagnosis to the client of a leak.

Home inspection Canada does not require a residential home inspection to have the thermal imaging inspector report on thermal imaging but BBHI have come accustomed to include it in every report so we can provide the best service we can to our clients.

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