Home Inspection Fee

The home inspection fee can vary from each inspector in the industry and can be determined by different variables such as square footage and age of home in most cases, but other variables come into play like requests for Radon testing, air quality testing, thermal imaging testing and many other certified inspection services.

Home Inspection fee

Building Block Home inspection Calgary uses the square footage as a guide for a basic home inspection fee with additional services as an additional fee. BBHI understands the home purchasing process has many expenses in the process like mortgage fees, lawyer fees, down payment and home inspection fee so we have considered that in our pricing to lower our pricing for the client.

Alberta certified home inspection requires the home inspector to have errors & Omissions insurance, proper licensing, be a member of a home inspector organization and liability insurance, these business fees along with general operating expenses, home inspection program usage costs, home inspector wage, maintenance, fuel etc have to be considered as well in our pricing.

We believe Building Block Home Inspections have taken all of these into consideration and we have come up with a fair pay schedule.

  • Over 2000  sq/ft –  Adjusted accordingly to sq/ft and extra systems like second  furnace, hot water tank, boiler, in floor heating etc.
  • 1000-2000 sq/ft    –     375.00 +GST  Detached homes generally
  • Under 1000 sq/ft   –     325.00 +GST  Condos, townhomes etc.

*Pricing includes thermal imaging

What is included in a residential home inspection?

BBHI provides an in depth noninvasive report that includes roofing, exterior, attic, insulation, interior, electrical, plumbing, heating and central air conditioning (if equipped). We use thermal imaging inspector equipment in all of these areas and include any deficiencies we find in the report. The report includes a description of multiple items that are required by the home inspection standards Canada with pictures of deficiencies, sketches of what the item should look like to compare, explanations of the conditions and recommendations to repair, replace, monitor etc.

The report is based on the structural integrity and safety of the home at the time the inspection was performed and we are happy to discuss any questions you have about the report as long as you own the home.

Travel charges

For clients living in the Calgary surrounding area, at Building Block Home Inspections, we feel that if we can get to your location in the time it takes to get from one end to the other end of the Calgary house inspection area then our fine clients in the Okotoks home inspector area, High River home inspector area, Strathmore home inspector area, or airdrie home inspector area should not have to pay mileage.  So no addition to the Home Inspection fee in this case.

Home Inspection Referrals

Building Block Home Inspection Ltd. understands that many home inspectors are referred to their friends, family and clients; so we have come up with a referral program that says thank you for recommending us. All you need to do is provide your name and contact information  on one of my business cards or print off my logo below and present it to the client, and we will send you a cheque  shortly after the completion of the home inspection and a couple of business cards so you can refer more business to us and receive more referral cheques.

Limit 1 referral per home inspection

BBHI Home Inspection

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