FAQs on Home Inspection

FAQs on home inspection

  1. Will a house inspection tell me if I should buy the house?

    A home inspection does not give a pass or fail scenario, it does provide information on the structure and systems within the home at the time of the inspection. The client determines if the house suits their needs.

  2. How much does a home inspection cost?

    Home inspection costs depend on several factors; the square footage of the home and the number of systems to be reviewed. The cost can also vary subject to the provision of specialized services: Radon testing, air quality testing, etc.

  3. What does the inspection cover?

    A home inspection by certified home inspectors cover the building envelope, the roof, exterior, attic, insulation, plumbing, electrical, interior, heating and home air conditioning (if equipped). The home inspection report provides descriptions, recommendations and pictures which will provide a good understanding of the home and its condition at the time of the home inspection.

  4. Can I use deficiencies in the house to lower the cost to purchase the house?

    In some cases, the inspection report can be used to negotiate the price before closing, usually if major issues are found this may be a point of negation between the buyer and seller. You should discuss the inspection report with your realtor as they have the training and knowledge to advise whether to negotiate the price.

  5. What kind of qualifications do inspectors have?

    For calgary home inspectors they need to complete training courses for the nine aspects of a home through a government accredited training facility or organization. Home Inspectors provide a series of reports to meet the required standards, and complete an inspection where they need to meet the deficiencies that their mentors have chosen to be the main deficiencies. At this point the will attain a home inspection certificate. Practical knowledge and training helps the home inspector recognize deficiencies within the home and can provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

  6. How long does it take to do an inspection?

    We have the Alberta standard, and CAHPI standards that we are required to meet a certain level on each inspection: generally, certified home inspectors will take 2 to 3 hours but it depends on the size of the home, what is being inspected over and above the standards, and the questions asked by the potential home owner. BBHI recommends potential home owners attend the home inspection because it gives you the opportunity to ask questions throughout the inspection. Our home inspectors at Building Block Home inspections do not consider a time limit for the home inspection and are more concerned with making sure you are comfortable with the information provided throughout the inspection so you can made a sound decision.

  7. Why do I need to have a house inspection done?

    You don’t need to have a home inspection if you are well versed in roofing, exterior, attic, insulation, interior, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning. Most people do not have the training and knowledge to locate deficiencies in all areas. It is not unusual for the realtor to suggest having a home inspection so you understand any deficiencies within the home.

  8. What can I do if my house is not selling?

    Good question, most home buyers look for the cosmetics: nice curb appeal, reduced clutter, fresh paint is a good start: updating bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas help as well. In most cases the potential home buyer would like to see an open home without furniture, so if moving out completely is an option, then you should consider it. Hiring calgary home inspectors can provide a home inspection report that would note major deficiencies that may reduce the chances of a home not selling.

  9. What is the main purpose of a home inspection?

    To provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision when buying a home. At Building Block Home Inspections we focus on the structural integrity and safety of the home for you and your loved ones. Our inspections provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

  10. Can I be there during the home inspection? Can I bring a friend?

    At Building Block Home Inspections, we request and recommend you attend the home inspection. It provides us the opportunity to connect and build rapport while discussing issues and concerns. Some issues you can handle yourself while major concerns should be addressed by qualified professionals. We like to limit the audience to the people directly involved in purchasing the home which may include the buyer, spouse, and sometimes the agent. We do not suggest third party friends, relatives, children, or handyman. Sorry, but this is probably the largest investment in your life and the attention needs to be on the home.

  11. What is the best roofing material for a home?

    This depends on the exposure and application of the roofing material: asphalt roofing can last 15-25 years but high quality shingles can last upwards of 30 years. Cedar shingles or shakes can last upwards of 35 years, terracotta, metal, slate, and numerous other materials like eco friendly materials may last for more than 50 years. It depends on the installation, materials, workmanship, and weather conditions like rain, snow, hail and wind. Pine shingles and shakes do not stand up well to the Calgary and area environment unless treated on a regular basis.

  12. What do air ducts that are dirty do to a home?

    Undersized and dirty air ducts restrict the air flow in the home which can reduce the air quality within the home causing allergenic reactions, and multiple side effects. Dirty air ducts can promote mold growth which can further affect health conditions within the home. Air return ducts draw the air from within the home and recirlculate it through the furnace filter and then to the furnace where it is reheated and circulated throughout the house. For your health and safety, you should replace your furnace filter every 3 months, get your air ducts cleaned yearly and limit the amount of humidity within the home.

  13. How do you find qualified Calgary home inspectors?

    Most realtors can provide you with a selection of inspectors. Many referrals come from friends, neighbors and work associates. It is important that you research any suggested home inspector to choose a home inspector that you are comfortable with.

  14. How detailed is a home inspection report?

    Building Block home Inspections consider the home as a complete building envelope and the report meets the present standards and exceeds the standards with the adoption of the A770 CSA standards, and thermal imaging. A BBHI report includes a summary, recommendations, documentation with photos, and thermal imaging, observed at the time of a home inspection.

  15. Do I need home air conditioning?

    A home air conditioning system is an option to make your home more comfortable during the warm months. However, it does need to be maintained by a qualified person and should be inspected yearly. Central air can promote air quality issues and mold growth; if not monitored. Each individual will make the determination if home air conditioning is right for them.

  16. How does weather affect home inspection?

    Most types of roofing material are subject to temperature conditions: Asphalt roofing manufactures recommend not walking on shingles if the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, wood shingles, concrete and many others become brittle and can cause splitting, cracking or breaking when walked on. Rain can make the roofing material slippery posing the roof unsafe to walk on. Under these conditions, we will view the roof from the edge and check the sheathing under the shingles or view the roof with binoculars. If we are unable to access the roof we like to access the attic to see if any moisture or leakage conditions are occurring, check the amount of insulation, and structural integrity of the rafters, beams and joists. Piled snow around a house may pose a problem in assessing some conditions. During winter months the lack of sunlight can pose a limitation due to visibility of a home inspection.

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