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Thermal Imaging Inspector

BBHI’s Thermal Imaging Inspector uses thermal imaging on home inspections, so the client gets the information they need to make an informed decision. Thermal imaging measures the difference in temperatures where you are focusing the camera, it does not see through walls. However, it shows how insulation voids can be detected. A non insulated area of a wall will show .

Home Inspection Fee

The home inspection fee can vary from each inspector in the industry and can be determined by different variables such as square footage and age of home in most cases, but other variables come into play like requests for Radon testing, air quality testing, thermal imaging testing and many other certified inspection services. Building Block Home inspection Calgary uses .
Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing for homes

Building Block Home Inspections is providing this information on Air Quality Testing as a courtesy. During the home inspection we look at possible causes for poor air quality and recommend things you can do to improve the air quality in the home.  Heating equipment and home air conditioning circulate the toxins within the home and the best way to .
FAQs on home inspection

FAQs on Home Inspection

Will a house inspection tell me if I should buy the house? A home inspection does not give a pass or fail scenario, it does provide information on the structure and systems within the home at the time of the inspection. The client determines if the house suits their needs. How much does a home inspection cost? Home inspection .