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In 2011, Alberta decided to have the house inspection industry certified. Since then many organizations have striven to standardize the house inspection industry with required standards within a inspection report, standardized reporting programs the home inspector uses and the Canadian Standards Association guidelines that have been introduced CSA-A770 standards for house inspection. These changes to the house inspection industry have provided the house inspector with standardization, the realtor with confidence in suggesting house inspectors to house buyers, and the house buyers with the security that the house inspector is qualified to perform the house inspection. Licensing, insurance and the requirement to be a member of an association like CAHPI in order to qualify for a house inspector license has helped to improve the quality of house inspections.

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I guess I should start my blog by introducing Building Block Home Inspection and a little about myself.
Building Block Home Inspections Ltd. was incorporated December 17 2015 in Calgary Alberta.
BBHI provides house inspections in Calgary and surrounding area from High River, to Airdrie, west to Canmore, and east to Strathmore.

Our mission statement is

“Our inspections provide the information to make an informed decision.”


BBHI believes the majority of our business comes from referrals from past and present clients, so we have a vested interest in making sure you are satisfied with the house inspection. This doesn’t mean that we will pass everything because you really like the house: this means that we provide you with a house inspection that meets or exceeds the Alberta and Canadian Association of Home Property Inspectors standards of practice, but most of all is safe and structurally sound. BBHI is looking out for your best interests and if we feel an element does not meet the above requirements, we will advise you that it needs some attention. So at the end of the day, you are aware of the issues, concerns, and are comfortable with investing your future in this house.


BBHI performs one business; House Inspection. This allows the house inspector to be unbiased and does not have any other interests other than the house inspection. We are general practitioners that look at the house as a building envelope that is structurally sound for you and your loved ones and advise if certain elements are improperly installed, at the end of life expectancy, improperly renovated, or even missing. In that case we would recommend a qualified licensed trade person be contacted to perform the repair.


At BBHI, we believe that if we wouldn’t buy the house; then why should you?
Long before the house inspection, we will discuss with you what a house inspection is, so you understand what the expectations of the house inspector should be, and confirm that you want a house inspector and not a designer or a house renovator.
We believe at BBHI that it is very important that you attend the inspection so you can receive first hand, the information discussed during the inspection, ask questions, and get immediate responses in most cases.
Because we cover a lot of elements during the house inspection; we will take a few minutes to discuss what we found, show you the pictures that have been taken, in order to refresh your memory of the key points.
Once the house inspection is completed, we will go back to the office and complete the report which you will receive within 24 hours, that provides a summary and details of all the elements we observed with photos, descriptions, limitations, and recommendations.


BBHI believe that you shouldn’t have to pay mileage to come to your house to provide a service so we include mileage within a 70 km radius of the Calgary city limits. We will consider providing a house inspection outside of the 70 km radius but the inspection fee may have to be adjusted.

So that is pretty much what you need to know about Building Block Home Inspections Ltd. for now, anyways and I do have to save some stuff for a later date. So now about me…

About the Owner

Mark Lawson
Owner/ Operator
Building Block Home Inspections Ltd. (BBHI)
I have been a licensed Journeyman in the house maintenance field for 24 years. I have been an Onsite Technician, Lead, Manager, a National Lead, and a Technical Advisor for technicians across Canada. I provide advice on house appliances, furnaces, and central air.
Prior to that, I was a lead with a major Canadian Bank, Manager with a major retailer and had numerous jobs in the construction field.


My experience and travels brought me full circle. My construction training, management training, customer service experience and of course my technical skills provide a broad range of knowledge. A technician often deals with installation issues that prevent the unit from operating as designed. These includes damaged structure, supply and drain issues, along with heating, ventilation and refrigeration.

I am a member of the Canadian Association of Home Property Inspectors (CAHPI ) AB that provides regular conferences which provide ongoing training relating to the building code changes, operating support, mentoring, training, and always new and  tools for the business, like utilizing thermal imaging cameras.

Personal Interests

My favorite way to relax is cooking; it allows me to wind down and create a sit down meal for my wife and I. Quite often, I make multiple meals then freeze them so it’s an easy heat and eat when I’m busy with house inspections.

Cabinet making is another passion of mine because you are able to take raw materials and make something functional with it.  Creating the design, cutting the wood, sanding it down, assembling, and finally staining it to a quality finish can invigorate you.

I will jump at an opportunity to go fishing, or golfing when I get the opportunity or when some spare time arises.


I guess I’m your typical person. I like the necessities in life: food, water, and comfort while enjoying myself along the way.

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